From la música to las noticias, Hispanic American adults are avid radio listeners. In fact, 97% of this population tunes in each week. And since 2011, the weekly national Hispanic radio audience has grown 11% (from 36.5 million to 40.4 million).

This increase in radio listening likely reflects the overall increase in Hispanic consumers in the U.S. In the last 15 years, the Hispanic population has more than doubled, and growth shouldn’t stop any time soon. In the next five years, Hispanics are projected to account for 53% of the U.S. population growth.

While immigration has traditionally been the primary source of the U.S. Hispanic population’s growth, migration slowed down around 2000 and rising birthrates have continued to drive growth. As a result, 64% of Hispanics today are U.S. born, and of those, 75% are between the ages of 2 and 34.

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